JoJo Bartlett

Jolene Buchheit writing adult and new adult novels as JoJo Bartlett

Next Release: NEW sports romantic comedy

Who’s on First Date?
Professional baseball player Bobby, was just supposed to make an appearance on the ice at the local hockey game. But his recovering leg had him anxious that the worst could happen–falling and hurting it again. He didn’t even think to douse himself in beer to get out of it gracefully. Eden did him that favor on accident and he could think of several ways to pay her back, if only she wasn’t married.

There was no way for Eden to know how interesting her night was going to get when she agreed to go to a hockey game with her brother. It was a frustrating experience, to say the least.

Spilling her beer on a handsome bystander? Check.

Having that stranger call her beautiful? Check.

Learning he thought she was married to her brother? Ugh!

Can they overcome miscommunications, wrong assumptions, and bad mojo to see how good they could be together? Only time will tell.