JAS Bennet:
Coming Soon! An adventurous adult fantasy novel co-written by three strangers who became friends, about three strangers who become family.

OF THE WOODS (Book 1 in THE THREE trilogy):
When Sheridan, Jenny, and Ava each receive a letter claiming they are to inherit a freaking castle from a biological uncle they never knew existed, their lives are changed forever. Introduced to a world filled with beautiful, yet frustrating men, impossible abilities, and the mark of power beyond the scope of their imagination, they become entrenched in a journey others can only dream about.

Sheridan’s upbringing in the woods of Kentucky and creativity formed from her artistic abilities helped prepare her for protecting the forest surrounding her new home. Midwesterner Jenny’s love of the ocean from writing children’s books about it makes her the perfect choice for guarding the sea that serves as the backyard to the castle. Bi-coastal Ava’s take-charge personality, which is necessary for being the executive producer of blockbuster films, serves her well in keeping everyone in line.

But nothing could have prepared them for facing the evil that is about to strike. Can the three strangers band together to create a force strong enough to resist the unseen enemy, or will the darkness steal the source of their power?


That’s What He Said by Cassie Leigh and JoJo Bartlett
– A romantic comedy about an author and the actor in her adaptation who doesn’t know she wrote the book under a pen name.

Blackened Magic by Emily Cyr and JoJo Bartlett – An urban fantasy about an outlawed spell deal gone wrong in the most hilarious way.